Outpatient Physical Therapy PROVIDES INDIVIDUALIZED CARE for Successful Recovery

Do you need outpatient physical therapy for your recent hip, knee or back surgery? Maybe you need help dealing with a medical condition or some recent traumatic injury. The professionals at the Weinberg Outpatient Physical Therapy and Wellness Center can help.

Whatever your situation is, your goal is to get back to doing the things you love. The right kind of physical therapy center can help you with that.

Weinberg Campus professionals work one-on-one with you, using revolutionary physical therapy techniques personalized to your specific needs, so you can reach your goals in less time. In fact, 98% of the people we have treated were satisfied with their therapy.

You’ll find a stimulating, motivational environment run by an interdisciplinary team with a track record of successful outcomes. Our facility includes a state-of-the-art indoor, heated therapy pool.

Spend a Few Minutes in Our Comfortable Setting

Our physical therapy center is easy to access and has free, accessible parking. While you’re here, you are welcome to stroll through the halls or grab a bite to eat at the deli.

Explore our picturesque grounds, walking paths and gardens. Did you know that our innovative campus was one of five national recipients for outstanding architecture design for the elderly? We became a national and international model.


Weinberg: The Right Choice for Outpatient Physical Therapy

You have a choice in outpatient physical therapy centers, so keep in mind that Weinberg Campus provides a relaxing, homey environment that’s conducive to your recovery. We also specialize in treating complex conditions and working with elderly patients, who require a specific type of approach. The right therapy can mean the difference between maintaining or losing your independence and your current lifestyle.

In our facility, you’ll receive customized therapy to help you recover. Depending on your situation, you may need a program for as little as a couple of weeks or as long as several months. Working closely together, we’ll work to help you regain your functional capacity, your strength, and your flexibility in the shortest time possible.


Effective Treatments

You may need professional therapy services to help regain your strength, mobility, communication skills and coordination so you can resume living as independently as possible.

Our experienced, professional therapists have special programs designed for treating a wide variety of conditions in elderly patients, from orthopedic disorders to arthritis to balance disorders. Our comprehensive program involves:
  • Assessments/Evaluations – we review your medical records and talk to you about your situation, your goals and your needs.
  • Education – we discuss your condition, what will be required of you in therapy and the types of results you can expect.
  • Physical Therapy treatments and modalities – with the goal of improving functional independence, we use the latest techniques that are customized to your needs. 
Depending on your condition, your treatment may include a variety of physical therapy techniques. All of your treatment is completely customized to your needs and delivered 1:1 by a highly trained, experienced and licensed therapist. We’ll help motivate you and keep you on track throughout your journey.  

Physical therapy is an important part of recovering from many different health problems. Targeted exercises and techniques can help reduce your pain, improve your strength and balance to prevent falls, regain mobility after joint replacement or other surgeries, and improve gait and balance if you’ve had a stroke. The trained physical therapists in our treatment center can also prescribe appropriate mobility aids and devices, if you need them.
Thank you for your excellent service. My father is doing well at home.
Daughter of Therapy Client


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